UPDATED: IFSTA 6th Edition – Group Purchasing

The group purchase of the IFSTA 6th Edition 1001 has been approved by Director Pare, and is being coordinated by Sue Hawksley.

This program is also available for Fire Departments who wish to be involved in this group purchase.

Sue Hawksley will be placing the order in June to give people enough time to sign up for this offer, and because in July the Director will take the names of the instructors to IFSTA where they will be put in a database of instructors. This way, in later July, when you sign onto the IFSTA website you can access the power points and other teaching materials for the program you teach for free.

If you would like more information about this purchase, please fill in the form below and submit. Or email Sue Hawksley directly (SHawksley@aol.com)